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Today Wednesday December 8th
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Mon Oct 19 Legislative Council - 2020 Special Committee on State-Tribal Relations Study Meeting
10:00 AM
Items: (None)
Overview: [Virtual meeting under s. 13.42, Stats.] • Organizational matters. • Discussion of topics for committee study: o LC Study Committee Memo No. 1, “Topics for Committee Discussion,” October 12, 2020. o LRB-0213/P1, relating to battery or threat to an officer of the court in a tribal proceeding and providing a penalty. o LRB-0216/P1, relating to the membership of the Higher Educational Aids Board. o LRB-0227/P1, relating to composition of temporary committee identifying residential options for a sexually violent person being placed on supervised release. o LRB-0025/P2, relating to a license that authorizes an individual to teach an American Indian language in an American Indian language program and modifying rules promulgated by the Department of Public Instruction. •Committee discussion and plans for future meetings. The public may live stream the committee hearing on YouTube at the following link:
Wed Oct 21 Legislative Council - 2020 Symposia Series on Workforce Housing Study Meeting
2:00 PM
Items: (None)
Overview: A specific discussion about why housing costs continue to rise, including detailed examples of potential projects and how consumer demands, regulatory hurdles, and raw material costs lead to higher housing costs.

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