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Today Thursday November 15th
Date Committee Notice Items
Thu May 18 Assembly - Committee on Education Public Hearing
10:00 AM
417 North (GAR Hall)
Items: Chapter PI 25 - Children at Risk Plan and Program; Chapter PI 41 - Accommodation of Religious Beliefs; Chapter PI 47 - Equivalency Process for Educator Effectiveness; Chapter PI 9 - Pupil Nondiscrimination; Chapter PI 10 - Supplemental Aid for School Districts with a Large Area; Chapter PI 2 - School District Boundary Appeals; Chapter PI 28 - Test Access; Chapter PI 23 - Esea Intradistrict Safe School Transfer Options; Chapter PI 14 - School Finance; Chapter PI 43 - Education Reform; Information Presentation on Humanoid Robots for the treatment of Autism
Thu May 18 Assembly - Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety Public Hearing
10:00 AM
225 Northwest
Items: AB196; AB201
Thu May 18 Assembly - Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety Executive Session
10:01 AM
225 Northwest
Items: AB88; AB89; AB111
Thu May 18 Joint - Joint Committee on Finance Executive Session
11:00 AM
412 East
Items: AB64; SB30
Thu May 18 Assembly - Committee on Labor REVISED: Public Hearing
1:00 PM
411 South
Items: AB308
Thu May 18 Assembly - Committee on Urban Revitalization Informational Hearing
2:00 PM
Los Mariachis Racine 5821 Washington Ave.
Items: Urban Revitalization Racine Hearing

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