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Today Wednesday February 20th
Date Committee Notice Items
Thu Feb 09 Assembly - Committee on Health REVISED: Public Hearing
10:00 AM
300 Northeast
Items: DHS 1 - Uniform Fee System; DHS 5 - Personnel Administration in Local Human Services Agencies; DHS 18 - Environmental Policy Implementation; DHS 62 - Assessment of Drivers with Alcohol of Controlled Substance Problems; DHS 70 - Group Homes for Recovering Substance Abusers
Thu Feb 09 Assembly - Committee on Ways and Means Informational Hearing
10:00 AM
328 Northwest
Items: Legislative Fiscal Bureau; Wisconsin Counties Association; Wisconsin Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association; AT&T; WEC Energy Group
Thu Feb 09 Assembly - Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety Informational Hearing
10:00 AM
412 East
Items: Attorney General Brad Schimel; Bob Bell; Justin Tolomeo; John Kumm; Sheila Weix; Jason Smith, Ryan Shogren, Jody Wormet, and Brad Dunlap
Thu Feb 09 Assembly - Committee on Education Public Hearing
10:00 AM
417 North (GAR Hall)
Items: Chapter PI 16 - Four-Year-Old Kindergarten Grants; Chapter PI 32 - Grants For Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Programs; Chapter PI 38 - Grants for Peer Review and Mentoring; Chapter PI 39 - Grants for Tribal Language Revitalization; Chapter PI 44 - Grants for Alternative Education Programs; DPI Briefing of Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
Thu Feb 09 Assembly - Committee on Labor Public Hearing
11:00 AM
400 Northeast
Items: AB25
Thu Feb 09 Assembly - Committee on Labor Executive Session
11:01 AM
400 Northeast
Items: AB24

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